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At Goldman Bros our team of buyer's agents are all highly experienced and well respected real estate professionals and have come from successful careers in prestige real estate sales. They bring with them unique industry relationships, unmatched local market knowledge, and the ability to source and secure Sydney’s finest properties that never get advertised.

What Our Clients Say

Accessing Sydney’s Finest Properties That Never Get Advertised



Our relationships with vendors is unique. It provides our clients with exclusive opportunities to access properties that other people cannot. We adhere to quality over quantity and we do not have overlapping clients or conflicts of interest.



We’re Sydney’s prestige home market specialists with over twenty-five years of working with buyers behind us. We’ve walked through the door of most properties in the eastern suburbs due to our prior experience as prominent real estate agents.



We have an inimitable database, a reputable ability to engage and ask the right questions, and a negotiation mastery conducive to excellent results. Most importantly, we understand the psychology of buying because we understand people.



We’re for helping you find the ‘right’ property with our deep knowledge of the property market, our superior selling agent connections, and exclusive access to off-market properties.



We’re for finding the right property at the right price. We ensure your hard-earned saving are well spent; applying market data and in-depth analysis to accurately assess current property values.



We’re for negotiating and managing pre-settlement actions on your behalf. By engaging our experts to bid and negotiate at auction for you, we ensure you don’t waste your valuable time and money.

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